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Good thesis statement for animal testing paper

Electoral college essay: a bunch of buy essays online ireland - eticaedisciplina.oab.org.br tips Well, you’ve been already assigned an unusual writing assignment – an electoral college essay. A cruel angels thesis except it keeps getting faster undoubtedly more challenging compared to the themes you handled before. Instead of merely comparing pros and cons of online games, for example, here you’re expected to illustrate the political system of your country, which suggests focusing on quite objective things. This topic definitely lacks flexibility as you’re expected to stay within strict limits. Perhaps, the only thing which can greatly help you to successfully complete an electoral college essay is your deep understating of the very essence of the US political system. The Electoral College system employed in America to elect the US President was established to make voting smoother. To drastically speed up the voting process, American leaders introduced the Electoral College system. The authentic idea was to enable the electors representing every US state to keep each other informed without the delay of travel. These days we have the World Wide Web. Information is transmitted at light speed through electronic channels. As a result, votes are coming in from all the US states without delay during Election Day. Respectively, a question emerges - why does such a technologically advanced and wealthy country as America keeps employing this obsolete procedure? There’s no doubt it’s one of the most intriguing questions today. Today’s Electoral College system in America is outdated, totally unfair and it needs to be replaced. However, the Electoral College system doesn’t appear to be the only issue with voting in America, but also the two-party system that often forces Homework should be banned wiki - newent.gloucs.sch.uk to choose a candidate only because they good thesis statement for animal testing paper the other. The number one issue with the Electoral College is how it distributes voting power. Well, instead of the US citizens being granted votes, states get them based on their population. By the way, US states are automatically provided with three votes regardless of their population. Moreover, the erroneous system provides votes to folks who aren’t actually in the states, while taking the votes away from US citizens residing in other states. For instance, ten votes are taken away from Texas and redistributed among smaller states such as Vermont and Wyoming. In other words a vote in smaller states turns to be worth more than a vote in a larger one. Aside from that the entire population of America isn’t represented by these votes at all. As a matter of fact nearly 11 million people reside in such US territories as Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, to say nothing of the US Virgin Islands. Apparently, these folks are also American citizens and they obey the same federal laws, although voting for their leader is what they can’t do. It definitely goes against the republican values America was founded on. What makes it worse is that American citizens traveling abroad are capable of mailing in their votes, although if you go to these territories, the good thesis statement for animal testing paper law forbids you to do this. It’s so sad, the US government treats these territories as if they have nothing to do with the Electoral College. Another problem is that even although the vast majority of the population doesn’t support you, anyway you can still become the winner. For example, it took place up to three times in the history of the United States. There have been 56 elections, which is the 5% likelihood that a president who wasn’t backed by the majority of America will lose. A great number of US citizens are insulted by the fact that the loser Buy Research Papers: Urgent Orders Are Welcome win this contest for the most powerful human of the world. Unfortunately, the Electoral College often allows it to occur. Instead of the outdated Electoral College system, America requires utilizing the simple, but efficient popular voting technique, ensuring that every Us citizen’s vote is equal and whoever grasps the majority of the votes, will automatically Unbalanced Assignments - Get Statistics Assignment Help the presidential election. Those criticizing the system offer such an argument that US presidents will probably abandon smaller states in favor of larger ones in terms of population good thesis statement for animal testing paper enjoy more votes. Obviously, it’s already occurring as presidents rarely visit the less populated states, instead, they prefer coming to the states, which flip flop. Nominees normally focus on states, changing the party they vote for every election and neglect the states defined as either Republican or Democratic. Additionally, if a nominee were to only campaign in large US cities, she or he would still not be getting the required amount of folks to grasp the majority. Evidently, most of the American population resides in urban areas, although these urban areas happen to be numerous, spreading out across the USA and it’s impossible for a candidate to cover them all to enjoy a majority. The two-party system is another serious issue with the US voting system. As a matter of fact, in every election, there’re two key nominees running for every major party, Republican and Democrat. It obviously leaves the three hundred million US citizens to decide between two candidates. Folks might not agree with everything a nominee is proposing, however they have no choice, but to vote for this person simply due to the fact they’re picking the nominee they have the least issues with rather than the nominee they backs. Aside from that the two party system keeps nominees not Predicting Consumer Purchase Intention: A Discriminant these two parties literally no How to Quickly Make Simple PowerPoint Presentations of being ever elected. Greatest essay writers of all time we see, the two parties system violates a natural person’s right to pick who they think they are capable of doing the job the best. In order to fix this issue, more political parties need to be involved with the election. Nevertheless, it can generate more issues. If ten nominees are running and a 100% Essay: Homework help in hampton roads paper writing nominee gets 20% of the vote, 80% of the population didn’t want him to be their president. A Homework help cancun mexico - angelicaspa.com resolution to this problem could be for voters to list the nominees, which they would most like to see in the White House. If the number one nominee on this list loses, then the vote, which would go to that candidate, goes to the second one on their list, etc. It’s an CPM Homework Help Tips (From Tutors) | Homework Lab voting. It happens to be a more balanced system than the Electoral college because the nominee backed by the majority of citizens, wins the election. It goes without saying the Electoral College was a positive thing for the time period it was established. However, nowadays, when the presidency had an effect on the rest of our world, one can’t afford to keep utilizing such an unfair voting technique and should instead opt for popular voting and the instant-runoff vote. With the help of these two methods the right candidate will be elected - the one who most people back. For some reason you might find handling such a writing assignment as an electoral college essay on your own a daunting task. Here’s the list of probable reasons: Your chronicle tiredness Your lack of corresponding skills Your lack of time. Of course, that’s not a complete list of reasons why many Unique Essay: Do my homework french translation online are struggling to cope with their writing tasks. Fortunately, at any time they can shift to a pretty nice alternative solution – buying an electoral college essay. Many of your classmates have already tried this option and they’re quite satisfied with the outcome. Because you’re highlighting several distinct issues, as you perceive this stuff, with the way in which US presidents are elected, you need to revise the very graduate dissertation example of your paper. The beginning suggests that you focus exactly on the Electoral College system, although it’s just one part of the larger issue you’re eager to analyze. Your paper is about all the issues with the American electoral system, and exactly for that reason you require clarifying at the outset, which you’re talking about the general situation. The very problem with the way you set up your paper from the outset is rooted in the way your paper is organized. You start by illustrating the Electoral College system, and conclude by talking about this as well, although in the middle you come up with a list of disparate things you actually why should you hire me essay sample problematic with the way the American president is elected. As for the second paragraph, in the first sentence, you’re expected to raise the problem of the Electoral College. You should identify an issue with the Electoral College system. After this, in the same paragraph, you require announcing another problem: residents of American territories, who are deprived of the right to vote. In the same paragraph, shift to the likelihood that a nominee can be picked without actually winning the popular vote. Then, you need to divide that paragraph into three separate ones. The beginning and the end of this section relate to the point of whether today’s Electoral College system is promising enough or not. The second issue dealing with the lack of representation in territories turns to be a separate one. Maybe there’s a sort of resistance to enabling residents of those US territories to vote due to a sentimental attachment essay on gratitude is the best attitude the American electoral system, although it seems to be a separate problem altogether. Day and night you can count on our reputable online service when it comes to handling your writing tasks. If you decide to entrust your writing to our service, enjoy the following benefits: Guaranteed quality: Shell out your hard-earned money only for high quality tasks completed by our expert UK and US authors. 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