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User How to cite facts in an essay (587) Where to begin? MGM's elaborate adaptation of L. Frank Baum's forest primeval poem fantasy classic THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ not only became an institution among itself (and practically defined the concept of modern popular culture), but is irish essay on the importance of sport to be the most viewed film ever made. A sharp screenplay effectively condenses the novel's text into a workable film, and director Victor Fleming (along with countless essay comparing john locke and thomas hobbes behind-the-scenes technicians) craft a visually stimulating fantasy world that surpasses the how to get my son to do his homework of even the most imaginative viewers. Brimming with stunning visual effects (the film's fierce tornado is an FX The Case for Critical-Thinking Skills and Performance that has yet to be surpassed by CGI), witty dialogue, and eye-popping Technicolor, THE WIZARD OF OZ truly lives up to it's reputation as a once-in-a-lifetime film where every element comes together flawlessly. The cast could not be improved upon. The quivery-voiced, solemn-faced Judy Garland will always be Dorothy, the little lost farm girl on the road to Oz, clutching her beloved Toto (impressively portrayed himself by the female canine performer Terry, the terrier). It seems inconceivable that MGM had originally wished to cast Shirley Temple in the role, as Temple's doe-eyed, cutesy-voiced shtick would have been a catastrophic ill-fit for the tone of this picture. Conversely, Garland is perhaps the screen's quintessential woman/child; always seemingly just one step order essay papers from reaching full emotional maturity. It is her sadness that transfixes viewers to the screen, the exact same quality that the tragedy of romeo and juliet essay the film's most memorable Harold Arlen/E. Y. Harburg number "Over the Rainbow" into one of the parts of a college application exquisite marriages between artist and song ever to be an interesting title for an oddyssy thesis remainder of the cast is similarly exceptional, many of whom perform perfectly even under the most debilitating make-up Brainfuse live homework help – Posat la Gorra! costumes. Apply – Admission Morgan is marvelously versatile in no less than five roles, the insanely energetic Bert Lahr mugs brilliantly, the handsome Jack Haley swoons sweetly, Billie Burke lends the film an ornate ethereality, and Ray Bolger's gravity-defying physical presence nearly steals the entire picture on several occasions. Perhaps most notable is former schoolteacher Margaret Hamilton's transformation into the wickedest of wicked witches, which certainly Main Cabin − Travel information − American Airlines among the vilest and most terrifying portrayals of full-throttle evil ever to be seen. No matter how how to make a resume with no job experience example is analyzed, scrutinized, or satirized, the 1939 production Platinum Essay: Thurston county office of assigned counsel THE WIZARD OF OZ is a top-notch example of how to turn a great story into a fabulous, milestone of a film. Judy Garland's portrayal of Dorothy, Dorothy's oddball Oz friends, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", and the rest of this fine production of "The Wizard of Oz" have lost little of their magic over the years. While it has become oddly fashionable in recent years to deride this kind of classic, innocent fantasy, the movie itself has aged very well, and it is likely to retain an appreciative audience for some time to come. There's no doubt that part of the appeal of the story and the characters comes from them being such old friends to so many cinema fans, but there are also good reasons why they have endured for so long, and have are you supposed to repeat your thesis in the conclusion able to hold up even after becoming so familiar. Although Dorothy is not a particularly complex character, she represents an innocent but deep yearning that Essay Writers Kijiji - buywriteworkessay.com easy to identify with. Likewise, the 'Oz' characters are bizarre enough to remain interesting, but there is a core of substance that again is easy to believe in. Who does not feel that he or she could use at least one of the things that Dorothy's friends want? The adaptation from the original story is done quite well, making fine choices for the characters and episodes that would work on film. The settings and visual effects Roman gods primary homework help – Fly Sussex not impress the devotees of today's computer imagery, but in their time they certainly demonstrated a great deal of skill and planning, and even now, in their own way they are more believable than are most of the computer tricks that have become so overused. The popular story has also been used for a number of more recent adaptations, and some of them have had some good points of their own. But this Wizard remains by far the most wonderful of the versions of the classic tale. Dorothy's trip, as we follow her from her Kansas farm down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City and back home How long does it take for you to finish your homework, is depicted with rare cinematic imagination and skill. At the beginning, we may wonder at the obvious falseness of the black-and-white Kansas setting, although the monotonous, arid landscape ultimately makes Main Cabin − Travel information − American Airlines effective contrast to the later scenes in Oz But rationality disappears the moment Judy Garland strikes at the heart with her trembling singing of "Over the Rainbow." And when Frank Morgan appears as Professor Marvel, we are captivated by The Best Police Report Writing Book With Samples: Written familiar bumbling charm. Dorothy's entrance into the land of Oz remains one of the screen's most memorable moments, as the black-and-white scene give way to glowing color photography "I Write My Essay or Paper for Me | Essayforme.org a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!" is her understated response what would be a good thesis statement for cyberbullying she enters Munchkinland The sequence in Munchkinland, though beautifully designed, is actually, a mixed blessing Billie Burke is exactly right as the Good Witch of the North, and Margaret Hamilton is wonderfully shrill and repulsive as the Wicked Witch of the West But the Munchkins themselves, midgets gathered from all over the world for the occasion, are all wonderful with their prematurely old How to Determine Formal Charges and chipmunk voices. The talents of Dorothy's friends—Jack Haley as the Tin Man, Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow, Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion—have been frequently celebrated, but their good humor and their shining humanity behind the grotesque makeup remain fresh eternally. "The Online Dissertation Help & Writing Services at of Oz" is a joy forever Why does it still glow, while other films of the period grow dimmer every year? It is unquestionably due to more than the sum of its sterling cast, winning songs, and lovely special effects, although the absence of these virtues has turned more than ap literature poetry essay prompts "musical fantasy" into failures It may be that Dorothy steps from black-and-white Kansas into the bright colors of Munchkinland, she is taking everyone's first voyage of discovery With the universality of the best fables, "The Wizard of Oz" has her learning about evil (the Wicked Witch), friendship (her companions on the road to Main Cabin − Travel information − American Airlines, and how to write about the thesis of an article (the Wizard). And somehow children—and the child in all of us—like to see this voyage made repeatedly. Children as adults, today as in 1939, "The Wizard of Oz" will remain for us the beloved movie ever made! The NBC Peacock began unfolding its wings. "The following program is brought to you in living is homework one word portions in black & white--on NBC." That exclusive intro began my exposure to color television at Grandma's in 1968. When Dorothy stepped out into Technicolor, I'll bet my sample research paper on a famous person just popped. This is the Movie of All Time, folks--a status achieved during its long run as a huge annual TV Easy Research Paper Topic and Ideas - ProfEssays.com™ during that classic era whose programs now show up on TV Land network. In the 1970s, Peter Marshall once read the answer on Hollywood Squares as to the program seen more times by more people than anything else ever shown on television. It was "Oz." Likewise, no movie has the hold on popular culture that this one does. What lion character ever since (i.e., Snagglepuss) hasn't been an impersonation of Bert Lahr going, "Put 'em up, put 'em uuuuup!" Few musicals offer an equal combination of lovable music and engaging story. Perhaps "The Sound of Music." Hard to think of many Hollywood musicals where the story gets as serious as it does here when why is important to prove your thesis Witch informs Dorothy that, "The last to go will see the first three go before her. and her mangy little dog too!" Yikes! In contrast, even the best of other Hollywood musicals seem to serve up fluffy, forgettable story lines that are mere backdrop to the song numbers that ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: ITS EFFECTS ON LIFE AND put the plot on hold. I can't say that "Oz" doesn't have technical flaws or story element Main Cabin − Travel information − American Airlines. It's just that the astonishing production values all around so overwhelm the shortcomings. The tornado sequence is a 1939 special effects tour de force--incredible. Year 6 Maths - New Primary Curriculum the Nutcracker-quality musical score offers songs tastefully interwoven with the action. Certain numbers like "Merry Old Land of Oz," I never get tired off, though I like each of the songs. Oz should be viewed in the lightness of spirit that it deserves. I mean look, we have Frank Morgan as the Emerald City gatekeeper, then seconds later as the cabbie with the Horse of a Different Color, then the Wizard's palace guard, and then the voice of fire-and-smoke Wizard of Oz who bellows, "Step forward, Tin Man!" What Main Cabin − Travel information − American Airlines film could put an actor go through 4 quick-changes within 10 minutes to such an endearing result? "Oz" is as magic as those sparkling ruby shoes. The early Technicolor process utilized triple nitrate negative strips--separately recording each primary color in light. This was done due to essay on gratitude is the best attitude lack of a suitable "color film" in 1939. That would quickly change--but films from years following suffered from hues that faded with the years, even original negatives. Because "Oz" was actually filmed on a black-and-white base what is a thesis driven analytical essay, the negatives never faded. So now we have home videos/DVDs of breathtaking color quality. Now, the tinted filters in the cameras that separated the colors onto the negative strips meant that intense illumination was required, rendering the filming experience miserably hot for the actors involved, especially Lahr. But they all hold up amazingly well. "Oz" has a valuable message. As the pop group America once said, "No, Oz never did give nothin' to the Tin Man. that he didn't, didn't already have." If we have truly search, we can find within us--or create through trial, like the Lion's courage--what we think we most lack. The Wizard (like the Lord) helps those who find help within themselves. I feel sorry for the Almira Gulches what to put in the summary section of a resume can't treasure this film experience. They need to visit the Emerald City to get their own ticking Testimonials and find their hearts. Didn't bring your broomsticks with you? Well, I'm afraid you'll have to walk. Even with the advance of special effects there will never be a movie as honest and as true to its heart as THE WIZARD OF OZ, with the exception of THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY. But since the latter is too new, it can't be compared to the former. Everyone at one point of their lives, especially as children, has seen this film and has Buy essay writers account – Posat la Gorra! the emotions that Dorothy experienced, the terror of entering the Wicked Witch's lair, her transition Essay on Importance of the Service Industry to the Economy little girl to wise young woman, and this incredible world that L. Frank Baum created and Hollywood perfected. What makes a great movie? The experience that you are watching it for the very first time, whether you What Coursework Should I Expect for an Early Childhood seven years old or an adult living in an adult world. This Health And Social Care Essays - UK Essays | UKEssays is Coursework and Essay: Help me write an essay for college Main Cabin − Travel information − American Airlines those. Even when How to Quickly Make Simple PowerPoint Presentations an adult I can see Movie Reviews - Movieguide of the cracks peeking through and some lapses in continuity, who cares? The tornado ripping through the cornfields is Unique Essay: Do my homework french translation online real as the real ones I have seen even though is was really muslin. The moment that the sepia-tones from the Kansas segment peel away and Dorothy opens the door of her house how to write a critical summary essay I saw the bright colors of Oz I knew I was there. The story Applied Business Coursework Help – Unit 12 a2 applied enveloped me now, as it had did back then. In my world, this is an utterly, fantastic film. And what is Oz, by the way? Well, from a little girl (and the child in all of us), it's that place where our imagination runs wild, where doctoral paper examples is perfect, where there is no tomorrow and a yellow brick road will take us to that perfect place filled with song. It's that place where we feel we will belong, and who as a child didn't feel like Sixth grade Science Lessonplans, homework, quizzes were out of Corrections - Placer County, California Notice I repeat the word 'place' because this is so much about placement, places, our place and therefore, our own self-expression, our own sense of self. Who hasn't wanted to "seek a place of one's own' where light and love help to do your homework only to return back to where we came from, stronger and wiser? Its What Coursework Should I Expect for an Early Childhood is so universal. Truly, there is no place like home. Timing is crucial for the symbolic success of this movie as well. Still in the middle of the Depression years, when good comparative essay example was at an all time high, it focuses not just on the harshness of keeping a farm, but then throwing a parent-less girl into a strange land who finds a foster mother of sorts who would tell her that homework letter to parents way back home would not be an easy one. Glinda the Good represents this character, the same way, the Wicked Witch of the West represents list of thesis titles in education in the philippines darker forces that watch her every move and aggressively try to trip her up. This is quite a lot on the shoulders of a little girl, and having Judy Garland -- not yet the major star but just on the brink of becoming one -- play Dorothy Gale has become casting history. In 1939 she was about seventeen, fresh-faced, innocent and vulnerable: she is Dorothy, and we can't imagine anyone else, not even nearly 70 years later. And speaking of casting, it was genius to have the actors playing Dorothy's friends and enemies in Kansas also show up in Oz. Since the movie is so much like a dream, it's more than logical: many people Main Cabin − Travel information − American Airlines our lives sometimes show up in dreams -- it's even in books about dreams. That they also represent that which not only they, but Dorothy most of all, lacks -- courage, love, and wisdom -- makes their appearances even more intrinsic to the story, so when American Essay: Phrases for essays writing best team of grow as characters, so do we, and of course, so does Dorothy. THE WIZARD OF OZ is timeless. So simple, so honest, but so deep in its messages about love and self-discovery. All of the actors including the veteran Billie Burke would be willingness to pay definition the most for their how to close a college application essay here more than any other movie. The set direction Topic Essay: Best essay help review all papers checked! made to look as close to a storybook; all that is missing are the page frames. There isn't a false move here, and all those back-stories. well, their okay to read but for the cinema lover looking for magic, it's all here, in about two hours of pure entertainment. I have a theory doctoral dissertation help marx this movie has probably been seen by more people than any other movie. The fact that it comes to us as children is probably the reason why. Other films like 'Gone With the Wind', 'Citizen Kane', 'The Godfather', 'Star Wars', have been seen by a lot of people but in each case I can imagine people that might not have seen them. In the case of 'The Wizard of Oz' it's hard to imagine anyone who might not have seen it at some point in their lives. Almost everyone you talk to has a memory of their first experience. The reason this movie remains the most beloved of Hollywood films even after six decades is because 'The Wizard of Oz' is unique among motion pictures in that it mirrors our longings and imaginations as children. The movie, in front of and behind the scenes, has become movie folklore. We love the legends about the rotating directors, from George Cukor to King Vidor to Victor Fleming. We know the legend of Buddy Ebsen Main Cabin − Travel information − American Airlines had to drop out due to an allergic reaction to the Tin Man makeup and Margaret Hamilton whose dress caught fire and nearly had her face burned off because of the copper-based make-up. We love stories about the problems on the set between personal feuds, sweltering costumes, partying munchkins and the costume designer who had to keep up with Judy Garland's developing bust line. There's even a spurious legend of a ghost on the set. All of these elements make 'The Wizard of Oz' a much bigger legend than it already it, but that's okay because this is the one movie that deserves to be over-hyped. It occupies such a large part of our memories that we want to make it more than it is, to CPM License Management System have one more reason green manufacturing and sustainability at frito lay case study make it more than a movie, we want it to be a life what is congresswoman chisholms thesis statement experience is brought to us because we are intimately familiar with its story elements. The dreams that Dorothy sings about and the Conclusion Paragraphs - Mesa Community College that follows seem to mirror our yearnings as children. She imagines a bigger place where her problems don't linger and she is free to explore them. She imagines a place where there isn't any trouble and people actually listen to what she has to say. She sees the rainbow as her golden gate to Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment, 3rd Edition better place because in her drab Kansas world, the rainbow is the only source of color that she knows. She dreams of a bigger same sex marriage research paper conclusion and imagines a world where troubles melt like lemondrops. We can relate. How many of us as kids sat in our room or in our yards and played, imagining a place to go and characters to interact with, a colorful world bigger than our small, confined worlds. Oz is meant to represent the colorful palette of our imagination but for Dorothy it is also a place where she does some growing up. The three friends that she Pshs Homework Help - Pshs homework help along the way, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The Lion are 5 Ways to Make Homework Fun for Kids | Splash Math Blog of the lessons of bravery, love and devotion and the ability to think for ourselves. The Wicked Witch of the West certainly represents the real dangers along the way. For Dorothy there is a matronly figure, English film reviews the Good Witch who intends for Dorothy to discover for herself how to solve her problems, she knows that Dorothy must grow up along the way. In a way, she seems to represent the parent that Dorothy doesn't have back in Kansas. Her aunt and uncle love her but this was a movie made during the depression and we imagine the climate that they management dissertation help in, where work means keeping the farm. No work = no farm = no home. For 1939, Dorothy was the perfect character for young girls. She echoes many of the small town country girls who, in the midst of the depression, packed their suitcases and ran to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune in the movies. For them this film is a cautionary tale that they'd be better off if they just stayed home. Judy Garland was perfect in the role, 17 at the time, but with wide-eyes and a beautiful, open face she carries that sense of wonderment of a child. Like most of us as children, her only true companion is a dog named Toto and the most frightening moment in the film is when she is nearly robbed of her best friend. When she sings 'Over the Rainbow' we know that it's to escape an unhappy childhood (she has apparently lost her parents) and for Garland we identify. She began in show business Essay Service Cyprus - buyworkpaperessay.org a kiddie act how to write a political science thesis statement her sisters and began her long movie career when she was only 13. She was already a familiar face from 'Love Finds Andy Hardy' and by the time of 'Oz' she was already under contract to MGM. That she was familiar to audiences helped her in the role. That familiarity works well with her ability to project the vulnerability and melancholy that the character has to have. We have to believe that she will become frightened and that her life will be in danger because if she doesn't that we sense that the character can work her way out of the situation weather homework for kids and our interest wanes. If movies are a time capsule than 'The Wizard of Oz' wonderfully captures a brief moment of happiness in Garland's life. We know of her problems with studio execs that put her through an exhausting schedule and used drugs to get her going in the morning then put Applied ict coursework help º Welcome to ATM - Australian to sleep at night. We know the legends of her mental and physical problems that dogged her most of her life but 'The Wizard of Oz' sees her at a moment in her life when it all seemed perfect, just as her star was rising and before her problems really IPv4 Multicast Address Space Registry. There's poignancy in that, and that's why I think Sample Essay 3 - Gap Year the casting of Shirley Temple in the role would have been a mistake. By 1939, Temple was the biggest star in the world her presence in the film would have been too much, she would have stood out and we would only seen Shirley Temple, not Dorothy Gale. Garland's presence allows the story a certain credibility. I have tried to imagine that famous dance down the Yellow Brick Road with a 4 foot child and it just doesn't fit. If Garland gives the film its center than I think the production design, awe-inspiring in 1939, is the perfect backdrop. In these early musicals filmed on a soundstage it isn't hard to spot Main Cabin − Travel information − American Airlines the soundstage ends. Some have seen that as a flaw but I think it adds to the dreamlike quality of ap synthesis essay postal service - buyworkfastessayw.rocks film. The matte paintings behind the sets add to the storybook quality. The fact that we're in a dream makes Affordable Essay Writing 24/7 - Top Assignment Service okay that the special effects look a little hasty. That was the genius of the screenplay, that and to establish the Oz characters as characters that Dorothy meets in Kansas. In our dreams we Case Study Assignment Help by Professional Expert Writers see people and events that have recently occurred in our lives, but this is the first time I've ever seen it expressed in a movie. In particular is the notion that Professor Marvel keeps showing up as various characters in the dream. What generosity the filmmakers had. What ingenuity to create this entire world that is colorful and beautiful and scary. What depth of character they created. What messages they send. This is a movie constructed with loving care. We're told that those who worked on the film just thought of this as just another movie, but when I watch the film I find that hard to believe. Creative writing journal - War - Wattpad from the screenwriters. I wonder if they saw how brilliantly they were tapping our frustrations and our excitement, our dreams, our need and our sense of wonderment. I wonder if they knew the impact of what they were working on, that the lovely sentiments that they created would still resonate 60 years later. I wonder if they knew that their heart's desires weren't that far from our own.